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How To Care For Your Garment

It's important to look after your clothes correctly, not only to extend their life but to protect the environment.

For more sustainable wardrobe care and to make the items in your wardrobe last longer, make sure you pay attention to care labels and wash your clothes less frequently and at lower temperatures. Most items can be aired or brushed for a refresh while stains can be spot cleaned.

Invest in a set of good clothes hangers. Wire or plastic hangers can often result in stretched shoulders on a garment, so make sure you replace these with wooden or padded hangers. Never put knitwear on a hanger as this stretches the garment.

With time and use, pilling can happen to even the best quality wool. Contrary to popular belief, a light scraping isn't at all harmful to your favourite knitwear. Using a special tool can help make it look as good as new – we recommend our Wool Comb.

Wash dark clothes inside out and use a laundry detergent for dark textiles to prevent fading.