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Aims and Objectives

While the fashion industry is responsible for a large amount of pollution, a considerable part of a garment's life cycle pollution (from production to destruction) actually happens in our homes due to things such as frequent washing at unnecessarily high temperatures, ironing and tumble drying.
We strongly believe our environmental responsibilities don't end once our clothes leave our stores, which is why Moss Copenhagen has added the Clevercare logo to our care labels to remind us all to wash our clothes less (airing and brushing are great ways to refresh your garments, as is spot cleaning) along with washing at lower temperatures, air drying and avoiding ironing where possible.
Remember, the longer you use a piece of clothing, the more sustainable it becomes. Washing your clothes less also extends the life of a garment by reducing the amount of wear and tear. Read more about our Clevercare here.

By the end of 2024 we aim for all our packaging materials to be responsible, which includes all plastics to be recycled and all cardboard boxes to be FSC certified.

Our new warehouse, which will be completed in 2021, will be equipped with solar panels. Moving to renewable energy and avoiding fossil fuels will allow us to be self-sufficient, supplying both the new warehouse as well as the existing one with sustainable electricity.