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Responsible fibres
  • Moss Copenhagen - Merila Rikkelie Skirt AOP

Merila Rikkelie Skirt AOP


Moss Copenhagen

DKK 380.-
In stock
  • Details
    Long skirt with print
    - Ankle length
    - Flower print
    - Flat waistband at the front
    - Elastic waistband at the back

    - Composition: 60% Recycled Polyester & 40% Polyester

    About Recycled Polyester

    - Made mainly from recycled PET plastic bottles
    - The production of recycled polyester does not use oil, which is a scarce resource on our planet, ie. it saves natural resources and energy as well as use of chemicals
    - It removes plastic from our nature, which might otherwise have ended there
    It has a lower CO2 emission, and it uses a lot less water to produce than virgin polyester
  • Shipping

  • Moss Copenhagen - Merila Rikkelie Skirt AOP
  • Moss Copenhagen - Merila Rikkelie Skirt AOP
  • Moss Copenhagen - Merila Rikkelie Skirt AOP

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